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Foto Seksi Olla Ramlan

This is the Indonesian artist sexy photo, Foto Seksi Olla Ramlan. Febiolla Ramlan (born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980, age 30 years) is Indonesian model and actor. The actress who is widely known by the name of this Ramlan Olla start a career with a model which is then followed by the art world expanded role by playing a few soap opera titles. He began his career as a finalist Cover Girl Mode selection event in 2007. His career started in the world of entertainment thanks to her brother share Lolitha Ramlan who submit a form for an event. Not unexpectedly good luck with it, Olla successfully become champion favorite. Bids playing Sinetron and commercials come say hello. The sixth child of 11 siblings was performed beautifully for Sinetron, and starred in an ad SHAKILA coffee that speech is still remembered by viewers 'MORNING Donna'. Foto Hot Olla Ramlan.

Foto Olla Ramlan Telanjang Bugil
Foto Artis Seksi Olla Ramlan

Febiolla Ramlan better known as Olla Ramlan is bloody actress Dayak. Women born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980 it started a career in entertainment after entry as a finalist in the selection arena Mode Cover Girl 1997. Is his brother, Lolitha Ramlan who secretly submitting on behalf of Olla. In the event, which also followed Shanty, Olla managed to become champion Favorites.

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Foto Artis Olla Ramlan Pictures

Can not be in dodgery, that Olla Ramlan famous for her beauty. With a beautiful body shape, and smooth olive skin, making Olla Ramlan a section of Indonesian Artist. Indonesian women, such as Olla Ramlan has a beautiful body shapes, ranging from the Payudara, up to a beautiful and sexy lips.

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Foto Olla Ramlan

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